Course Details

CNC Milling - Part 1 – ( Course Code: CNC/M/1 )
Type Special
Duration 50 Hours (7 ½ Fridays or 7 Saturdays)

Extra ability to programming or operating CNC milling machines.


To cover the relevant course contents the lectures, practical sessions and assignments will be given. Completion of this course is a certification for training on CNC Milling Part II.


Vocational students and Instructors, CNC Machine Operators, Supervisors in Tool machinery trade and university students are the target Groups. Ability of programming (2D), Setting and operating on CNC milling machine is the expecting out come of this course.

  • Introduction
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Modes of Operation (Manual, MDI, Editing, Automatic)
  • Different between ISO and HEIDEN HINE Format
  • Programming and simulation (simple steps)
  • Cartesian Contour Movements
  • Speed and Feed Calculations
  • Polar Contour Movements
  • Programming Cycles
  • Program Sections Repartees (sub Programs)
Fee Rs. 23,000